Li-Resin from unique to universal for solid phase synthesis:

Our unique expertise in polymerization facilitated the advancement of this synthesis resin to suit the need as solid phase support. This synthesis resin, superior to the conventional Polystyrene resin and Polyethylene glycol resin, has proven reliable for synthesis of a wide range of peptides including difficult sequences and those possessing hindered amino acids. Li-Resin is now available for universal solid phase synthesis.

Cyclover from bench to batch for Cyclophase synthesis:

Cyclover is a lipophilic anchor containing a triazine core having specified lipophilic tags. Cyclover linkers and its derivatives, soluble in one system of organic solvent(s) but insoluble in changes of solution composition, combine the merits of high reactivity from the traditional solution phase synthesis and efficient separation from rapid precipitation. Cyclover facilitates process improvement wherein practical operation for a reaction only involves: (1) dissolving reactants into a solution (2) reacting to completion (3) precipitating (or partitioning) the product for isolation and (4) filtering the solid for collection for any kind of organic compounds anchored to Cyclover, simplifying the purification for the desired product. The operation is reproducible along the progress in a multi-step synthesis, allowing pure intermediates and pure product as a solid to be rapidly obtained with ease and certainty. This technology, Cyclophase Synthesis, can thus accelerate research and development of pharmaceutical biomolecules, representing a tremendous step forward for boosting productivity and greening chemical industry.

It's never simple to keep things simple. Biotide Core strives to simplify synthetic process to an easy level.